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Thursday, September 16, 2010


In addition to the blitzkrieg described below, I'm also working on a piece of hardware that didn't have a reason to exist prior to yesterday. This is a little bit of a mess right now, but I was able to have a little proof-of-concept party this evening, and it does its thing.

What is its thing? Well, it's a generalized audio generator that produces voltages useful for analog hardware synthesizers. What that means to me is that I can create (or gather from sensors) information that produces voltage output that could actually be called music.

My goal for this is to create an example network that will attempt to duplicate some (very) small portion of the decision making that goes on in the head of a jazz instrumentalist and produce it using any voltage-controlled synth. Will it be great? Possibly not, but it will be interesting, and it will be the first thing I've ever done that doesn't have to be tethered to a computer.

But this was a slug-fest for me. Thanks to Grant Richter for his help with Real World (vs. theoretical book-learned) electronics.


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