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Thursday, September 16, 2010

DBG kick-off call

Had a good talk with Katie today about the mixed-media+dance performance for early November. She is starting to work on choreography, and wants to also make sure that we are moving forward. I tried to reassure, but also had some questions for her (what do I need to provide for her to practice, what is the projection surface like - and, most of all, am I really in?). All were answered to satisfaction, and I'm going to pick up example fabric in the morning that should allow us to do some reflectivity testing for the long-throw projection lines.

This is going to be a tough one - the large-format display area will be a bit of craziness. Also, all attempts at text for the ceiling end up looking like the Disney Hall of the Presidents, so I still need to find out how to resolve that. I'm in the process of talking to some people about putting together a production team; hopefully I'll have that in place by next week.

I'm probably going to see rehearsals next week. Hopefully I can get the sound requirements in place so I can complete whatever composition work is necessary.


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