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Monday, September 20, 2010

Notes to self...

... about proposed network plans:

- The military thing I've been talking about.
- The musician thing I've mentioned, although it might have to be an older style of music to meet the "collapsed network" requirement.
- The network of word/vocabulary usage, origin and spread.
- Nefarious hackers to newly presented servers (using a bee-like algorithm).

That's four. More to come I'm sure. In all of the reading, it is the bee activity that resonates most clearly with me - perhaps it is that I see more bee-like behavior than any other, or maybe it is my history with bees (a long story to possibly be related later...).

In any case, some of this is starting to formulate in my pointy brain. I'm not sure how some of the Cell Designer-like software is going to help my in my quest, but I'll keep on sniffing the area.


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